Tuesday, October 10, 2006


In the time i last post here i got a new job! wooo! starting next week which most likely means i'll be away for a little while while i settle in.

On more related news, I've rewritten the base engine behind tyrian:the return and its now looking much slicker with much better structuring and the code is all separated out into different file which makes the code so much easier to read. Also code redundancy should be massively reduced allowing new objects to be created much easier, for example the same enemy could use many different weapons and fly very differently. The big change though (and the whole reason i had to rewrite it in the first place) was now its possibly to totally customise the player and should allow me to implement ship upgrades and the whole shop mechanic! Its not done yet but when it is i may do a new release with some more levels.

On the PALIB side of things, i'm rewriting the FAT interface inorder to make use of the new driver. What i'd like to do is use this for custom levels and also to load the assets at runtime(maybe).