Sunday, September 10, 2006

He's Back and this time....its war

Okay so i didn't keep this blog up for long, but now i'm back and am in the process of coding a new game which is so far going quite well.

It currently lacks content, but the framework is now there and it would now be possible to create an entire game with whats current done. What is lacking most of all is art and tilesets for the background which is not something i can make. In order to get round some of the difficulties in making art i intend to migrate this engine into 3d.

I intend to make some documentation on how to build levels, its pretty simple to do.

What it consists of so far,

1 v short level
1 weapon type
1 enemy types
2 ai methods
1 player type
2 sounds

no interface of any kind, its very much a test version i consider it alpha. There is no end (it just stops).

Stay tuned for more info later


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