Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Future

I have loads of ideas of what needs doing next for tyrian.

Whats missing:
Shop mechanic and weapon/ship upgrading : the first level is meant to be hard because you would be expected to start off with a better weapon.

Power Generator function for regulating the amount of weapons you can fire.

Bosses! - This should be a nice challenge as it will require interobject communication. I think this will be achieved by creating a master object that controls all the smaller objects so that, for example, parts of the boss can be destroyed without killing the whole beast but at the same time reducing the boss's overall health.

Dual screen? should be pretty simple but i'm not sure i wanna do it as it will then force me into using 2d grahics (i ain't gonna bother with dual screen 3d).

3d? I might at some point do this as it'll make it easier for me to create assets (new enemies for example)

Wifi? In addition to ressurecting my old wifi setup app i have some big plans for wifi which aren't neccessarily tied to this game but more in areas such as lobbying and game hosting standard for any homebrew games. As you can probably tell thats a project in itself so it will come after i'm done with tyrian.

MORE ART/LEVELS/ENEMIES! This is the hard part as i am not an artist ( though i'm pretty chuffed with what i've made already) The next release will have at least one new level with hopefully some new ai/enemies. If anyone out there considers themselves a competent artist who can make new sprites/tilesets your welcome to contribute. You'll see later how easy making levels is.

Filesystem Support! The final release may well support file systems, so you can make and import your own levels with ease in addition to giving me more memory to play with and making the assets mroe manageble.

Thats all for now, i can't promise everything written here will get done its just a few ideas that have come into my head and i'd like to tackle.

ELH out!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello there, i played tyrian a lot on the pc and now i see that you revived it ! thats awesome man :)

grats to you from belgium,

greets nick

6:08 AM  
Blogger sylvainulg said...

still working on the project ? anyway, a good use of the dual-screen could be to have stats pannel on upper-screen together with a "simplified" view of what's coming ahead ... a sort of one-screen radar where you might not have all the fancy details of the ennemies, but at least see hints of their future presence.

That would keep you allowed to do whatever 3D things you want on the lower-screen...

8:26 AM  

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