Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The projects

I'd like to start by writing a little desciption of whats currently in the works,

The Primary Project, The PA_Lib based Wifi setup app get it here (v0.1)

A series of methods which allow the simple implementation and initialisation of wifi on the nintendo ds platform. The goal is to help developers by negating the need to write tedious code to connect and setup wifi therefore allowing them to concentrate on the game/application they are building.

current features as of (0.1)
Connecting via firmware settings
Viewing firmware settings
Testing firmware profiles

Planned for next release (0.2)
Access point finding - a certainty
improved makefiles - hope so
bug fixes - of course
better test app/example - lets see shall we

Status inital release(0.1)/active development

SgtStair - for making wifi possible! link
Bafio - For helping with firmware reading and general help link
Mollusk, kleevah et al - for making the awesome PA_lib
And obviously myself! (El_hobito)

Note: the search for AP is a WIP (not in current build, soon i hope!)

The ultimately primary but currently secondary Project
As yet unannounced secret wifi project, which may make you wanna start shouting....

more to come later....once the team is assembled... and i get my cf card back!
Some screenys will come later i hope.


Anonymous SausageBoy said...

How about a WEP cracker?

9:44 AM  
Anonymous Öhr GmbH said...

its based on sgstairs wifilib. its just a mhh "skin".

wep cracker? you mean hacking in protected AP to play online or something like this? mhh i thought of this too. i hope someone will do this :)

8:50 AM  
Blogger El Hobito said...

Its a bit more than just a "skin"

As for a WEP cracker that would then make this program illegal so i am certainly not going to do it plus i would imagine on the DS's limited hardware it would take a very long time

2:35 PM  
Anonymous sausageboy said...

Well, AirSnort, Aircrack, WepLab, chopchop and WepWedgie all seem to be doing pretty well from a legal point of view.

8:20 AM  
Blogger El Hobito said...

Just because they haven't been shutdown yet doesnt make them and less illegal

11:20 AM  

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