Sunday, April 23, 2006

New Version 0.2 released!

Woo i've worked through my hangover to get this done for you all.


Whats new?
  • Access point searching! (currently stylus driven, button control will come later)
  • Crash fixed when connection to an access point fails
  • a load of fixes here and there
  • PA_enableWifi() and its opposite are no longer required

Notes/known issues
  • Access point searching currently takes ip settings from the first profile.
  • The example App is rubbish!
  • There is currently no way to edit settings.
  • Doesn't support DHCP,TCP,WEP,WPA or firmware saving.
  • You still need to manually change the destip on the example in main.c in order for udp_test to receive messages.
  • type exit to exit the test app (the keyboard that launches after connecting).
  • Main.c is where your code should go (i will integrate it all and separate the example later).
  • you must use static ip, no WEP and have firmware settings.


Anonymous Alx06 said...

I'm looking forward to use it on my own project. Good work, please never stop !!!


10:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

download is broken

1:57 AM  

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