Saturday, April 29, 2006

Exciting News!

I've been invited to become and official developer on the pa_lib team!

So what does this mean for my future endevours? The next release (which will also be posted on my blog) will be as part of a new version of Pa_lib. I already have a mountain of ideas and designs of suitable functions and methods for all sorts of things that would benefit developers.

As for the wifi part i'm pretty much ready but as this new version requires modification to Pa_lib itself it wont come separately anymore. This does now mean that installation will be v easy (it should just work without any external configuration).

There is one thing i would like to know...Do people really want the ability to change their firmware settings for wifi? Once WEP is supported there should be little reason to want to change it especially with DHCP support we now have.

Whats in the works:
  • sorting out WEP
  • Wrting a lobby system with some basic chat functionality
  • Writing a tutorial with a simple example of a wifi game
  • Rewriting the console display(top screen msgs) and making it viewable only when in debug mode
  • some other stuff


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have no wifi games so yes some way to change firmware settings would be greatly appreciated....I hope being on the pa_lib team does not lead you into thinking no one wants access to the hardware anymore ;)

-Dovoto (too lazy to sign up)

9:56 PM  
Anonymous davr said...

yes! this is a feature everyone needs, the ability to change wifi settings. Many people may not have a WFC game, or don't want to get it out just to change their settings.

The only question I have: Does this mean I HAVE to use PA_lib if I want to use your settings app? I'm afraid it will bloat my non-pa_lib apps, and possibly cause conflicts (many other people have shared similar concerns).

Or is your goal just to make it a standalone-only app? Personally, I think it would be nicer if other people who make wifi-enabled apps could incorporate your settings manager into their app/game.

keep up the good work!

10:05 PM  
Blogger El Hobito said...

I do know that some attempts are being made to integrate pa_lib into libnds. As for whether its compatible with non pa_lib apps this is something i would very much like to know.

TBH i would be very suprised if it did work but now i am a part of the team any issues that exist i can work on. You certainly have to include pa_lib but that doesnt mean you can nolonger use the normal libnds way of things. If someone can make me a libnds wifi app that i can play with then i will have a go.

10:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi El Hobito, nice work out there,
I think it would be nice to have feature that enable save settings into profiles,( for example @home, @work, @airport, @hotspot ., @xxxxx, so you dont need to search or tweak settings each time, so you only choose profile and save to DS and you are ready to go&play... )
also pls. can you post files for download on different provider because i cant download always says my country uses all download ports

4:30 AM  
Blogger Dan2552 said...

If it's a standalone app which saves to the firmware (like WFC games) then it should be fully compatable with any wifi app which uses the latest libs.

Perfect solution!

If/when I ever make anything which uses wifi, I'd defiently include the standalone in the zip :)

8:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes please i beg you work on it I can't any kind of wfc hb app because they all say access point not found

6:44 PM  
Anonymous UptownN.O. said...

yes please i beg you work on it I can't any kind of wfc hb app because they all say access point not found

6:44 PM  
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